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The Company,  Alpha Stock Legacy, (hereinafter referred to as "the Manager"), on the one hand, and the Founder of Management (hereinafter referred to as "the Client"), acting solely on his own and on his own behalf, on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as the contract collectively, the "Parties" and individually a "Party", have concluded the Client Agreement of Fund Management (hereinafter referred to as "the Treaty") as follows:


1.1. The Client transfers to the Manager for the term specified in the Treaty, in trust management, the funds owned by the Client on the basis of ownership (hereinafter referred to as "Cash"), and the Manager undertakes to manage the funds in the Client's interests.

1.2. Funds in accordance with the Treaty are designed to invest in marginal financial instruments with variable income. The Manager provides to the Client provides trustee services to investment and other asset management, engaged in trade currency pairs in the Forex market, buying and selling shares of US issuers and other securities as well as derivatives of these securities and contracts on stock indices.

1.3. Beneficiary under the Treaty is the client transfer of funds in trust does not entail the transfer of ownership of them to the Manager.

1.4. Given that the Manager is a public company, it is, among other things, provides its investment management services to private non-resident investors from around the world, establishing relationships, carrying out communication and acting in accordance with the instructions that provide the clients themselves through a registered account on the website of the Manager, and offers its services in the form of Client Agreement.

1.5. This Treaty is accepted as a web document, and the procedure does not require the signature of the Parties. Registering Client account through the website of the Manager means automatic acceptance by the Client of all the items of this Treaty, as well as the general terms and conditions published on the website of the Manager, which are considered an integral part of the Treaty.

1.6. The Manager shall provide and ensure the Client access to the website and other materials necessary for account registration procedure on the website of the Manager.

1.7. The Treaty shall enter into force and become legally binding on the parties to comply fully with the moment when the Client first generate a bill through your account and transfer funds to the Manager in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the Treaty.


2.1. The Manager is obliged to act in good faith and in a way that is best in the interests of the Client. The Manager has the exclusive right to determine what method of money management is the best in terms of customer interest.

2.2. The Manager provides the Client with the services written down below for the strategic distribution of cash (assets). The Client may use the services of the Manager in the formation of the investment portfolio in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the investment strategies. The Manager is issued and effective from the moment this Treaty enters into force. The Manager can manage Client's funds independently, as well as through partner brokerage companies around the world.

2.3. Investment Manager's strategy offers customers a choice of a wide range of ready-made investment portfolios with different ratios of profitability and risk. Investment portfolios of high risk, should be administered using an aggressive "Short" strategy, given the possibility of short-term growth or reduce the cost of capital. Investment portfolios with an average level of risk, should be administered by a moderate strategy "Medium", given the possibility of mid-term growth or reduce the cost of capital. Investment portfolios with a low level of risk, should be administered by a conservative "Long" strategy, taking into account the possibility of long-term growth or reduce the cost of capital.

2.4. The Manager undertakes to start managing the Client's funds from the moment of the conclusion of the Treaty and every week to submit a written report on cash management to the Client on its website.

2.5. The Manager has the right to use the appropriate procedures to verify compliance of the documents uploaded by the Client. All documents uploaded by the Client in the above purposes should be clear and in high resolution. The Manager must have a reasonable basis for recognition of the authenticity of any of the downloaded document, otherwise, validation may be overruled by a request for correction of rejected documents by scanning and downloading images of higher quality the Client documents.


3.1. Investment portfolios divided into three strategic groups:

(1) Portfolios, focused on short-term profit. Duration of the portfolio of 6 (thirteen) days. In case of positive indicators such control portfolio, revenues generated in the management process, according to the Treaty, calculated daily on the personal account of the Client in a personal account on the website of the Manager.

(2) Portfolios, focused on medium-term profit. Validity of such portfolio is 21 (twenty one) calendar day. In case of positive indicators such control portfolio, revenues generated in the management process, according to the Treaty, calculated weekly on the personal account of the Client in a personal account on the website of the Manager.

(3) Portfolios, focused on long-term profit. Validity of such portfolios is 31 (thirty-one) calendar day. In case of positive indicators such control portfolio, revenues generated in the management process, according to the Treaty, calculated monthly on the personal account of the Client in a personal account on the website of the Manager.


4.1. The Client understands and acknowledges that all policies of the Manager Investment Management Client is subjected to high risk and that this risk can lead to the loss of investment capital and / or yield and / or tax incentives and / or purchasing power. The Client may also miss their assets in defending Managing their positions. There can be no assurance that any of the asset management strategy of the management will lead to the Client profits.

4.2. The Client agrees to incur any losses or lost profits from its own funds in accordance with this Treaty.

4.3. The Client hereby irrevocably releases the Manager, its directors, employees, officers, independent agents and representatives from any claims or liability for losses, damages, fees, legal fees, costs and expenses that may arise as a result of any action, the services provided or recommendations issued under this Treaty.


5.1. Any documentation and information provided by the Client to the Manager, strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed. If the Manager is forced to reveal confidential information to the legal process the Manager will make every effort to give written notice to the Client of the disclosure.

5.2. The Client undertakes under no circumstances disclose to a third party and / or use in any way in their own interests or third-party interests information that became known to him in connection with the execution of this Treaty, so that this information could harm the Manager.


6.1. All notifications, additions, destination, offers, acceptances or any other types of information transfer provided for in this Treaty shall be deemed furnished properly if:

(1) Transferred through a personal account of the Client on the website of the Manager;

(2) Sent to a confirmed email address to the other Party;

(3) Delivered by the postal service for the physical address of the other Party.

6.2. If any provision of this Treaty or its application with respect to any person or circumstance, invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the treaty or the application of this provision to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected and shall remain in full force.

6.3. The validity, interpretation and performance of this Treaty shall be subject to submission and construed in accordance with Taiwan law, which is the country of registration of the Manager and the country to sign the Treaty.

6.4. Transfer of rights under this Treaty shall be provided under any circumstances.

6.5. This Treaty is made in two copies having equal legal force, one copy for each Party.

6.6. This Treaty may be executed in writing form, signed by the Manager and sent to the Client, provided that the Client provides the exact postal address. The Client pays all the costs of delivery of the Treaty.

6.7. Parties fully accept all the terms and conditions of this Treaty. All verbal agreements are included into this Treaty. None of the Parties does not advance, and does not refer to any statements, except where noted. This Treaty may not be changed radically, unless the Parties agree on such change in writing.